Kota Kinabalu 2016


2016 went by in a snap. 2015 feels like a week ago.

I’ve been working for 10 months now and boy, how life has changed.

I never really understood what people meant by school being just the “beginning” when it felt like everything in the moment. But now, being thrown into the real world, I finally understand! I’ve been molded so much in the short 9 months I’ve been working – yes, it’s been difficult (at first) but I’ve really liked the change I’ve seen in myself. Here’s to work life!


Yes, with work comes income, and with income comes TRAVEL!

(Well, in my case, as I starve myself to save for trips HAHA)

I went to KK with my best friend, Bea. Yes, just us – two very independent 5-foot 21 year-olds who have known each other since freshmen year HS. No, we do not do this often. Yes, this was our first trip. Hell yes, we were crazy excited!

Day 1

We arrive at KK around 1AM in the morning and quickly get a cab to our AirBnb. We get assigned to this old looking car driven by an even older looking man. And of course we get lost on the way to our Airbnb, in the middle of the night, in a country we’ve never been to. HAHA our cute old cab driver was counting house numbers for us! Gladly, we eventually did find our way to the our Airbnb – which was a RELIEF! Since we almost missed our flight (cause we were busy strolling through duty free) and almost didn’t find our way to our Airbnb, but we still did – we were sure it was gonna be a good trip!

Intinerary (Day 1)

Kota Kinabalu / TARP Island tours  (800AM-400PM)  

KK City Night Tour with Seafood Dinner (430PM-900PM)

We went island hopping and snorkeling first thing in the morning. KK waters were BEAUTIFUL. I can say that these were the most beautiful corals I’ve seen in my entire life (And I have snorkeled a lot in the Ph). The corals were bright neon colors and they looked endless to my eyes. I was sooo lost in the beauty of it all. It was so nice and refreshing to have nothing to worry about and just be overcome by the colors of the corals and the swimming of the fish. After our island hopping, we went around town to see the mall and the market. Kota Kinabalu is a small city you can probably walk around in an hour or so. It’s simple and cute and I instantly fell in love with it. I don’t know, there’s something about the small city and the friendly people that just pierced at my heart. Later on, we had a Malaysian dinner and a nice foot massage before heading back home to crash and catch some zzzz.



Day 2


White Water Rafting  (900AM – 200PM)

Klias Wildlife Cruise & Fireflies with Dinner (230PM – 900PM)

We started Day 2 extra early to visit the Gaya Street Sunday Market. As expected there was a lot of food and clothing vendors. I had myself a delicious radish cake and went splurging on clothes and gifts. Of course I hunted for the perfect pair of elephant pants, and in the process bought myself three gorgeoouuusss pashminas.

Amazing Borneo (The best tour service evaa) picked us up at the market for our morning white water rafting. It was a 2 hour drive to the rafting place (which we spent happily sleeping). We shared the raft with another tourist (Danielle) who was a doctor and was going to hike Mt. Kinabalu the following day (lucky her!). One thing I didn’t expect from rafting was the water wars we had with the other rafters! Our guides just pitted us against each other and I can proudly say that our raft was the weakest team of the bunch HAHA. In our defense, we were up against buff asian guys and a family of elders LOL.

We took a 3-4 hour drive to the wildlife cruise where we spotted a bunch of monkeys. I personally enjoyed the watching the pretty clouds and the sunset along the river more. It was beautiful ❤ My breath catches now just thinking of it. Our last activity for the day was the fireflies cruise! I didn’t know what to expect cause honestly, I’ve only seen fireflies in cartoons. Before getting on the boat, I made sure to slather myself with Off lotion cause it was written to do so on our itinerary! I would now like to apologise to all the fireflies I possibly poisoned! Okay, so getting on the boat, we were instructed to keep all our devices off. It was pitch black and out of nowhere, we saw twinkling lights to our left. As the seconds ticked, the lights multiplied and began flickering. I was awestruck. They looked like the Christmas lights that moved in circles. To make the experience even better, our guide started to call them. Before we knew it, they were in the boat with us. I felt like a child chasing after the flies in the boat. It was such a wonderful experience.

 DAY 3


Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring tour (700AM – 700PM)

Last day at Kota Kinabalu! And we hit the famous poring hot springs! We took a long drive to the national park first in our very own private bus lol we felt like royalty! Apparently, it was the opposite of peak season for tourists so the travel agency let us take the entire bus! Woo! The tour guide was so sweet! He told us he was excited to meet us cause he heard lots of good things about us from his colleagues. This made my heart swell ❤

We visited Kinabalu Park where we took a million photos. On the way there we stopped by at a small town that was famous for their Tamparuli Mee – it’s a noodle dish with egg yolk and veggies. The dish is famous at the town cause it’s where the noodles are freshly made. I finished the entire plate cause it was DELISH. Little did I know that my stomach was sensitive to said dish and that I would end up with food poisoning! My tummy was upset, but nothing could ruin the day for us! I powered through and still enjoyed the mini hike at poring hotsprings whilst throwing up in my puke bag. HAHA the hotsprings were a great experience, I just wished we had managed our time more wisely (more time at hotsprings, less time taking photos).

And we’re on the way back to the city! I got to see the beautiful sight of Mt. Kinabalu on the ride back where I promised myself I would definitely come back to Kota Kinabalu. I fell in love with the small city, the people, the food – everything. There was a certain calm that came with the place and it was absolutely refreshing against the busy streets of Manila. Hopefully on my trip back I get to hit the volcano mud baths at Palau Island and definitely go scuba diving. Until then. ❤




Hong Kong 2015

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had an amazing 2015!

Can’t wait to start 2016 myself, but first I have to share how my trip to HongKong went!

I’ll be doing something different for this blog post! I won’t be talking about fashion, but I’ll be telling you about my trip. So I hope you enjoy my stories. 🙂

I visited HongKong back in December. It was my first time abroad without my family so I was definitely excited! I went with a group of my best college buddies – Jhappy, Marvs, Julian and Micah. I actually had to take a leave at work (Yes, I am officially part of the work force!) to go on the trip.

Ooops, haven’t I said yet?

I’ve graduated from College! I’m officially a graduate from DLSU and am currently employed as a Junior Accounts Executive! Woohoo!

Currently, I am still learning how to budget my own money. Here’s to adulting in 2016!

Anyways, back to my HongKong trip, we spent four days there and I have photos below of the trip! Credits to Marvin Gonzales for most of these shots!

Check out his blog at: http://www.borgyborgs.wordpress.com


We spent our first day in HK, not really in HK, but at Macau! We dropped by the Avenue of the Stars before taking the ferry.


It honestly didn’t look like a real city. It looked like those utopian cities described in novels. There were so many beautiful buildings, it felt surreal looking around.

We hopped from hotel to hotel via their free bus transportation. We also visited the ruins of St. Paul. The Venetian Macau was my favorite! The ceiling was so detailed and magnificent, every part of the hotel was a feast to the eyes. I felt like I was in Europe, except I was in Macau. HAHA

We had street food at the ruins of St. Paul which was delicious – aside from the salt burns.

We walked around Macau some more and visited their Casinos. Stood outside of them anyways, cause most of us were only 20. HAHA




Our second day was spent at Disneyland, of course!

We walked around the entire park and can proudly say that we rode all the “adult” rides. My favorite rides would be the Mystic Manor ride and the RC Racer Rollercoaster.

We also had lunch and dinner here which was VERY PRICEY – the most we spent on food the entire trip. Dinner = $545

And of course, we watched the parade and waited for the fireworks. 🙂

We also went to a night market at Jordan where we had some local street food! Food was good and so was the tea – but that didn’t stop my tummy from grumbling like crazy after the meal. We had to rush back to the hotel because of the “emergency”.

We stayed at Eaton Hotel along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.


On our third day, we went to Hongkong Island! We were staying in Kowloon and had to take a ferry to visit The Peak. It was a foggy day and sadly we didn’t see any skyline view from up there. But we did still have AMAZING ramen afterwards! We walked around the city after visiting the peak and took another ferry ride back to Kowloon.

At Kowloon, we hit a local bar named Castro’s. It was totally sketchy-looking outside but the place was nice. We had food and drinks and laughter-filled conversations until the wee hours of the night.

I guess that sums up our trip! Oh and we went shopping A LOT. So just insert shopping into all of the days lol. I had so much fun! I’m so excited for the new year ahead and for more adventures to come! But first, I’ve got to save up. HAHA

Happy New Year, guys!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. ❤


Irish Vada

Color Blocked

Sometimes, the absence of color makes it beautiful.

Hey, Lovelies!

Before we get to my outfit, I want to credit the amazing photographer who took these shots of me. He actually has his own blog! http://www.borgyborgs.wordpress.com

Yeah, please check that out! I guarantee you that his skills are superb!

As for my outfit, I wanted to go for a color blocked look. And what better colors to play with than black and white? I feel like the main body of my outfit is the white A-line skirt I’m wearing. It’s white and textured and is just so elegant. I paired it with a black and white crop top that is a bit more cropped at the back so you can see a bit of skin to make it more daring. And lastly, I wore these black and white platform heels that just completed the entire look. 

What do you think about my black and white ensemble? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!


Irish Vada ❤

IMG_8680 copyIMG_8712 copyIMG_8713 IMG_8703 copy IMG_8684 IMG_8716

Also, if you are looking for an amazing food blog you should check out Discover MNL!

Check it out on IG! @DISCOVERMNL


For the trendiest outfits please check out @TWINSPH



Hello, lovelies!

Here are some shots from my photoshoot with The Thrift Avenue!

They sell amazing clothing pieces that you can find on instagram at @thethriftavenue

It was extremely fun!

I was told beforehand that I was going to model a white lace top. Naturally, I thought of a floral kimono but I fought against it and decided to experiment.

Paired the top with a plaid long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, a white cap, and white sneakers.

I went for a more lax comfy look as opposed to the more obvious girly pairings you can do with a lace top!

Yey to experimenting!

But I still think the lace top added that hint of femininity to the outfit.

Hope you like the shots!


Irish Vada ❤

PS: if you want to do partnerships with me, you can email me at irishflorentino@gmail.com

11696396_10203111407184429_3969330339758832199_o 11163715_10203111389663991_17416735522716180_o 11230687_10203111400664266_3417186101125212459_o 11243909_10203111412504562_2752478957349566021_o 11313174_10203111612789569_165197063031349776_o  905772_10203111409424485_3511075331113569908_oeditededit3



The rain is here!

And with it, come tights!

Yesss, finally I get to wear tights again!

Gone are the days swimming at the beach wearing your skimpiest suits.

We finally get to ball ourselves up in sweaters and boots and all things warm. ❤

For this look I’m wearing a printed striped shirt with a contrasting damask print skirt. Wearing different prints can really create an edge for your outfits. And of course, I’m wearing black tights and black boots – a staple for me during this rainy season.

It was also the first time for me to do a shoot against a plain white wall. The whiteness of the wall really just gave my outfits more emphasis, a kind of crispness. (Lol did that make sense?)

Anywho, here are the shots of my look! I also had my hair cut! What do you think?


Irish Vada ❤

 7731photoshopped copy   1 copy_MG_7735_MG_7777 copy copy4_MG_7776 copy

Photos by Star Segovia 👑

IG: starsegovia


Hello, my lovelies! After a gazillion years, I finally have a blog post up! I have been crazzy busy with school because guess who’s graduating soon!? EEP!

Anyways, aside from school work, I was asked to model for a UP JMA party named Riptide. The experience was great — I got to work with such amazing people! I felt like my fierceness was challenged and I was shocked with how long I was able to keep my face from smiling or laughing! I just kept telling myself to smize like Tyra Banks lol.

I hope you like the shots
as much as I do! Let me know what you think of them!

My poses were directed by the charming Mika Panaguiton and photography was done by Andrea Baldua (she was such a doll, literally!).


Irish Vada ❤

DSC_3013 DSC_3027 copy DSC_3038 copy DSC_3040 DSC_3047backless

Production Credits: Art Direction: Mika Panaguiton

Editing: Jessa Catedral and Mika Panaguiton

Photography: Andrea Beldua

University Student

School is.. sadly still here! Yes, while all the other Universities here in the Philippines are enjoying their summer breaks, I’m here cramming all my projects for next week! (While writing my blog on the side lol)

I honestly do not dress up like this daily for school. Usually, I would be in a loose shirt and leggings to go straight to yoga after class. But on special days, where I have to look presentable in front of the professor, I would put together something like this.

I worked around 3 colors for this look: black, white, and maroon. The colors gave my outfit a sophisticated academic feel. I wore a white collared sheer top layered with a loose black cardigan. The maroon skirt I wore was high low and matched my maroon flats. And of course, I accesorized with a belt and necklace.

I like how this outfit looks class appropriate yet still girly and casual.

Hope you liked this look!


Irish Vada ❤

IMG_7363IMG_7358 copyIMG_7353 copy copy

IMG_7350 copyIMG_7342 copy

Top: Forever 21

Cardigan: Forever 21

Skirt: Zara

Necklace: Mango

Belt: Uniqlo

Shoes: Forever 21